Project Managment

If you're starting a new business and are looking for help and guidance on design, get it right from the beginning by talking to us. We're a patient and understanding professional team, with a wealth of experience in designing for start-up businesses. From your company logo and business card, to the materials you are going to be marketing your business with, getting the design right is vital, to make sure you look professional and are sending out the right message to potential customers right from the start.

If you would like to keep everything under one roof, we can take care of your entire website, design and print package, whether your requirements are large or small. This can help to keep costs down, save you time and ensure consistency in how you present your business. A simple change in appearance can make a positive difference to your business. If you're looking to re-brand or you just feel it's time for a change, simply get in touch and we'll be happy to help.

Sometimes projects require services beyond design and print - we can organise and manage external services as diverse as copy-writing, translation etc. In order to give our clients a fully-rounded service we have developed partnerships in various areas including:

Data Management
Data Cleansing
Plastic binders
Large format posters

Process for managing design projects and creative services

  1. First we establish and agree the aims of the project - large or small – we believe aims must be defined and agreed with the executive budget-holder and if appropriate with all other stakeholders.
  2. We then determine a budget, and decide timescales and chief outcomes/results required.
  3. Decide the level of innovation required - this depends on your aims and required outcomes.
  4. Write an 'outline' brief or specification - a detailed brief comes later and should be developed with or by the principle agency when appointed. Ensure interested affected people are aware and are in agreement.
  5. Define the specifications and have a clear idea of the qualities and scale and style that will be appropriate for the project.
  6. We consider and perhaps provisionally decide what project management tools and information systems you will need. For larger projects keep your options open; we at DAPS have an outstanding systems for managing the creative activities and progress of your project.
  7. For all our projects, we ensure that proper legal documentation and processes are used and in place, for example, non-disclosure agreements, clear agreement about the use of ideas, intellectual property and copyright, and we ensure this rules of agreement are maintained through the our design management project.
  8. We at DAPS guided you every step of the way through the different stages of the design process, and when you can expect to see representations, ideas, art-work, etc., whatever is appropriate for the project. For certain design projects, for example the design of new products, we will suggest a staged process of producing ideas, mock-ups, and various stages of prototypes. 
  9. For design projects that involve a production phase, (e.g., new products, advertising campaigns, websites, etc.) again we guide you about how the design process should interface with aspects of production and implementation. The more we understands about the implementation and production issues, the better able it is to incorporate those requirements and factors into the design plans.
  10. Transparency and clear open positive communications on both sides are essential. Once you Clarify and agree the preferred management methods with us, we will provide feedback and regular updates about progress and expectations. We believe communication, measurement, encouragement and maintaining some flexibility to accommodate slippage and new opportunities along the way, are vital aspects of a successful creative projects.
  11. We ensure plans and forecasts are kept up to date and communicated. Updates and progress reports are vital for staying on top of creative projects.
  12. We at Daps have the combination of solid project management skills and creative specialisms which can produce extremely significant and rewarding outcomes, for the organisations and all the people involved.